A Delightful Day in Dingle – Blog #9

As my time in Ireland is almost up (for now), I’ve decided I need to travel and see as much of the country as I can. When I was looking into places to go, I was immediately drawn to County Kerry. County Kerry is in the western part of the country and is home to some of the most visited places in Ireland. After extensive research, I came to the conclusion that I needed to go to Co. Kerry and more specifically, Dingle. I had actually heard of Dingle earlier in the semester when it was mentioned in one of the assigned readings for my Lit. class, though I didn’t think much of it at the time. However, I later found out it was a cute little town with some great scenery, and that was all it took. After almost two months of looking forward to this trip it finally happened, and here’s how it all went down.

We arrived in Killarney at around 5:00 on the 25th after an extremely long day of travel. Killarney is a cute town full of restaurants, shopping, and nice people. While here, we are staying at a place called Neptune’s Hostel, which so far has been great. The hostel also offers day tours around County Kerry, including one to Dingle. So, we got ourselves up nice and early and awaited the start of the tour.

We were picked up from the hostel and brought to another location where we boarded the tour bus. Then we went on to pick up a couple more people and then the tour finally began. Our first stop of the day was Inch Beach, where apparently some popular movie was filmed? The beach was incredible because if you stood in one spot and did a 360° turn you could see the beach (duh), but you could also see mountains and large open fields of green, all in one spot. WHAT. We were permitted time to walk along the beach for awhile, but it was super windy and cold and I retreated back to the bus well before we were due.

Next, we continued on towards Dingle, making a couple quick stops along the way to take pictures. We eventually made it, but we just drove through it to get to some other sights first. I forget if it had a specific name, but we went to where the opening scenes for the movie Far and Away were filmed, which interested me because I’ve actually seen that movie. We also passed a spot where part of the newest Star Wars movie had been filmed which was cool, even though that’s not really my thing.

Then we went back to Dingle and were given some time for lunch and to walk around. I wasn’t in the mood to sit down and eat a big meal, plus I wanted to go into the shops, so I just grabbed a waffle with Nutella on it. Although it was delicious, the waffle was more of a donut? I don’t really know what was happening but it was good so I’ll allow it. When I was done eating, I decided I would go into every single gift shop I walked past. I would guesstimate we went into six shops, and I ended up getting a couple things for some people back home. ALSO, I think I narrowly avoided being pooped on by a pigeon. It was the single most disgusting thing that has happened to me in recent memory. I only mention it because it has scarred me for life, I think.

Anyway, after that whole debacle I decided I had earned some ice cream. As we were walking we passed three different ice cream places, but I had my mind set on one from the first second we passed through, so that’s where I went. It was called Murphy’s and it was some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had. The flavor was Saucy Chocolate Cookie, which was basically just really good chocolate ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and a chocolate cookie. 10/10 would definitely recommend Murphy’s and specifically that flavor.

When I had finished my treat it was just about time for us to leave so we went back to the bus and shortly thereafter we were heading back to Killarney. Although I would have liked to have more time to explore the actual town, I had a fantastic day of sightseeing and eating. Fortunately, I think I will be able to go back to Dingle before leaving the country in June. I am extremely satisfied with this trip and I think it was a great use of our time. Here’s hoping the next day trip will be just as good, if not better. Thanks for reading, later days! – Cassidy


3 thoughts on “A Delightful Day in Dingle – Blog #9

  1. Love the title!! Thank you for sharing. What beautiful pictures, I think those animals are the luckiest on earth!! Also the poo thing, it’s supposed to be lucky when a bird poos on you,and your in Ireland.


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