Where Do I Live??? – Blog #7

Yeeaaaaahhhhh… It has recently come to my attention that no one really knows where/how I live. I have been here for two months and I guess about two people have seen pictures of the place. So, for all those wondering, this is an entire post dedicated to my accommodations here in Dublin.

I live in an off-campus student dormitory for DCU students called Shanowen Square. Although it is off-campus it only takes about one and a half songs (I guess about six-ish minutes) to get to the main campus in Glasnevin. There are two other campuses as well, St Patrick’s and All Hallows, but all of my classes are at Glasnevin so I haven’t been to the other campuses. Anyway, back to the living arrangements.

The residences are big four-story buildings that are divided up and labeled as blocks. Within each block, there are two apartments per floor, each of which housing four people. Each resident gets their own bedroom and ensuite bathroom (which is incredible). All the bedrooms are small and the bathrooms are tiny and cramped. Except for mine. LOL. This is due to the design of the apartment and my apparent good luck. When you enter the apartment there is one hallway with three doors on your left and two on your right (there’s also a door straight ahead at the end of the hall with cleaning supplies and a water heater, but that’s boring). On the left are three bedrooms, and on the right is the fourth bedroom (mine) and the combined common areas (kitchen and living room).

We have come to the conclusion that since we are on the ground floor and because of some of the features in my bathroom that I must have the handicapped accessible room. This means that my bedroom and bathroom are much larger than the other three, and there are some other minor differences as well but they aren’t nearly as fun to talk about. The bedrooms are pretty minimal but I have made my space cozy and although it’s not home, it’s very livable. Perhaps the best thing I did was to come prepared with pictures and thumbtacks which immediately went on the bulletin board above my desk. Great job, me. *gives self a thumbs up*

As I said before we also have a little kitchen and living room. They’re okay; the furniture is super uncomfortable and we don’t exactly have all of the kitchen supplies we would like, but it’s enough. I’m able to cook the few meals I can and I have a place to sit and use my laptop when I don’t want to be in my room so it’s fine.

Should I talk about my roomies? Do you care? Well, there’s really not much to say so I guess I might as well. My roommates are Kelly (duh), Bethany and Cara. They’re extremely nice and friendly and we all get along just fine. We talk about our classes or what we have planned for the weekend or whatever else comes up. I was a little nervous about living with randoms again but just like the first time, everything worked out perfectly. Beth and Cara are much more social than me and Kelly, so a lot of the time they’re out doing their thing and we can just chill at the apartment. Or, when they do have people over it’s late enough that we’ve already gone into our rooms for the night. Everyone’s happy.

As far as shopping goes, we have a couple of options. The closest place is a small convenience store called Spar right outside of Shanowen’s gates. They have a wide variety of things, whether it’s emergency milk and bread or fresh produce for the night’s dinner. Spar is really nice but it doesn’t come anywhere close to Wawa’s level of greatness. (I miss you, Wawa.) A bit further is a mall called Omni. It has a lot of different stores but the one we go to most often is Tesco. There’s not much to say about it, it’s just like any other supermarket. The other store we go to in Omni is Penneys, which is like Kohls, essentially. For anything else that we can’t find somewhere in Omni, we could take a bus to City Centre where there are TONS of stores. I don’t think we’ve ever needed to do this for anything specific, but it’s nice to know we could.

So I think that’s it for the most part. The accommodations are nice and good enough for what we need. It’s cozy, close to campus and essential shopping, and it’s equipped with the basics. I definitely miss living with my friends and having a tv, but I’ll live. Soon enough I’ll be back at Stockton and wish I was here again. That being said, I’m going to continue to have a great time and go out and make some memories.  Later days – Cassidy


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