Kilmainham Gaol & City Centre – Blog #4

Good hello! This week is Reading Week here at DCU, and since we have the time Kelly and I have decided to try and do fun things around Dublin every day. We started the week off with something that sounded extremely interesting to me, and that was touring the Kilmainham Gaol (Jail). We walked through the jail exploring the old corridors and cells whilst being told about the fascinating history surrounding the prison and some of its most famous residents. One of my expectations for the tour was that I would be locked in a cell at some point, so imagine my excitement when the guide said we would be given that exact opportunity. I don’t know why I am the way I am but hey, what’re you going to do? Plus we got a super creepy picture of me in the cell so that’s something I will have forever.

The next adventure we had planned was to simply explore the City Centre. Although we have been there a few times before, I hadn’t really taken any pictures or actually explored. Every time we’ve been there previously we have either had a specific destination in mind or went there as part of a group and were just led around. This time, we just walked pretty much aimlessly and if we saw something interesting we would head in that direction. Although I prefer the country to the city, I had a great time and really enjoyed my surroundings. It helped that we had a perfect day- it was nearly 60 degrees with loads of sunshine.

Thus far, I would say Reading Week has been a great success, and we still have some really interesting things planned. Plus, St. Patrick’s Day is on Friday and I’m predicting now that my next post is going to be crazy regarding some of the events of that day, so check back if you feel so inclined. Until then – Cassidy



One thought on “Kilmainham Gaol & City Centre – Blog #4

  1. So…..where was the picture of you in the cell?!?!?
    Don’t tease like that and not follow through!!!
    Looks like you are having a great week with “Kelly”


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