Cliff Walking in Howth – Blog #3

As long as we’ve been in this country there have been people telling us to go to Howth, and after being there it’s obvious why – it’s gorgeous. Howth is a village in Dublin best known for its fishing industry. However, that’s not why we went. We went to finally see some cliffs. Yes! After a month and a half, I have finally seen the thing I have been most excited to see, and I was not disappointed. When we first arrived we were greeted with a beautiful view, and after further exploration things only got better. This has been on our list of things to do for a while, but week after week we have been deterred by the weather. Yes, we know we’re in Ireland, but who wants to go to a beach town in the rain? Anyway, it was supposed to rain this weekend too but we decided we were going regardless, and I’m so happy we did. The weather was great- it was warm and sunny and perfect for walking along the cliffs. As we were leaving some dark clouds started to roll in, but we had plenty of time to complete our adventure before being driven out by the rain. Howth is definitely my favorite destination so far, and I’m hoping to possibly go back when it gets a little warmer if I have the chance. Next weekend is the start of reading week, and I have a lot of ideas for trips and things to do so stay tuned for more adventures! – Cassidy


2 thoughts on “Cliff Walking in Howth – Blog #3

  1. It looks like your having a great time!! What a fantastic experience. I’m so glad I found the pictures. Thanks for sharing!! Safe travels. ❤


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