A Day in Kilkenny & Laois – Blog #2

Hiya everyone! This past weekend we went on our first group excursion to Kilkenny and Laois. We left Dublin around 8:30 and eventually met up somewhere along the way with another group of students who are studying in Limerick. The whole group then started the day’s adventure; the first stop was Emo Court in Co. Laois. Honestly, I’m not too sure why we went there or the significance of the place but it was still something cool to see. We then boarded the bus and headed to Kilkenny, specifically the Castle. As we walked through Kilkenny Castle there were guides providing us with information about the different rooms, furniture, etc. along the way. When the tour concluded we got lunch and walked to the Smithwick’s Brewery. We went on the tour and were given a history lesson behind the oldest beer in Ireland. When our group was done with the tasting part of the tour, we left Kilkenny and made our way to a pub. I’m not sure what county we were in or where this pub was located, but it was a nice place where the local people went to drink (duh) and watch rugby. After soup and sandwiches, the two groups parted and we started making our way back to Dublin. By the time we got back it had easily been a 12 hour day, and although it was long it was extremely enjoyable. It was my first time out of Dublin, and it was amazing. I cannot wait to go explore some other counties that are more rural – I’ve been in Ireland over a month and still haven’t seen any cliffs. That’s going to be my goal for next week’s post… Until then – Cassidy


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