Dublin Zoo – Blog #1

On Saturday, the 18th of February we went over to the Dublin Zoo. This was a great first adventure because it was something fun we wanted to do, but it was also slightly outside of our comfort zone. That seems kinda silly to say since we flew to another country and have been living here for a month more or less by ourselves, but there are still some challenges to overcome. One of those challenges is public transportation – at this point, we can use it, but it is still a little stressful as we are not extremely familiar with what buses go where, so we have to rely heavily on travel apps. It took two buses and about an hour to get there, but it was worth it. We had a great time, both of my favorite animals (giraffes and sloths) were there and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them. I also managed to get a selfie with the giraffe, which is pretty amazing if you ask me. After walking around for a while we got a bus, and then another one and eventually made our way home. Little by little, week by week, we are slowly getting the hang of using the buses. Hopefully, soon enough we will feel confident to take on a greater, maybe more interesting day-trip / challenge. Until next time  –  Cassidy


2 thoughts on “Dublin Zoo – Blog #1

  1. You sure you are in Ireland? You have been there for a month and I’ve seen a picture of a giraffe. Maybe you are in Seattle? I have never been to Ireland. You are in Ireland. I would love to see anything that is ONLY in Ireland. Thanks so much! You are our eyes to the world!!🤓


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